Re: [Evolution] A few notes about the user interface

On 03 Apr 2001 10:12:57 -0600, Kevin Cullis wrote:
Dan Winship wrote:

So, could the same thing be done inline versus attached?  Default, but
changeable on the fly.

That's exactly what that bug ticket is about: a context menu on the
Forward toolbar button or a modifier key (eg, Click does attachment,
Shift-Click does inline).

Note that you can *already* do what you/we want, you just have to go
through the Tasks > Forward As menu.

The bug ticket wants a user-definable default action (attachment v inline).
That is somewhat different than being able to do it inline.

With user-definable default behavior, you only need specify inline once. The
current way forces you to specify inline each time you wish to forward. As
you would still need to do with a context menu menu, since - right now - the
default is hardcoded as attachment.

Perhaps a 2nd "Forward as inline" button, on the toolbar would be enough.
This would give you what you want - forward as inline using 1
keystroke/click, without needing to go thru extra keystrokes/clicks
(navigating the menus to get to "forward as inline" is extra
keystrokes/clicks, in this context).

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