Re: [Evolution] A few notes about the user interface

What???  Who was talking about replying? We're talking about forwarding.
Replying assumes the email is going back to the person who sent it,
forwarding doesn't.  Thus the two different behaviors. 

On 03 Apr 2001 08:50:32 +0930, Not Zed wrote:

If you are replying to a mail and not forwarding it, then reply to it,
and just change the destination address.

On 02 Apr 2001 09:10:48 -0700, George Farris wrote:
Sigh, when will people learn that there is NO correct way to these types
of things.  The "correct" way for me is to have the forward inline
because thats the way I use it 99.9% of the time.  Why? because I'm
generally commenting about lines of text in the forward and I need to
read it too.

Settings->Composer->Default.fwd.behaviour=(inline, attachment)

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