Re: [Evolution] Sound Questions & wishlist

* Dan Winship (danw helixcode com) wrote at 01:28 on 31/10/00:
Thus, my question is, will there ever be support for any kind of

I don't know the esound/audiofile/whatever APIs, but it ought to be
fairly simple to add support. Just add a handler to mail/mail-format.c
for the various audio/* types.

Actually, the best way to do this would be for someone to take some
existing sound player and bonobize it. (Or write a new one.) Then
Evolution could just do a lookup on the MIME type, find that
component, and embed it in the message so you get a nice sound player
interface without having to code one into Evolution. And of course,
the component could be used in other apps as well.

It would be REALLY cool if somebody bonobize'd a sound player (preferably
XMMS) ;) 

Nautilus needs one too for its 'Music' view (right now we (uggh) fork mpg123
and parse its output).

libxmms also won't work for these kinds of purposes (i.e. you need a
component, not a 'fork' of xmms)


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