Re: [Evolution] Bravo!

Hi all... I'd just like to add that Evolution is turning out great! I can see it becoming an essential
ingredient for widespread use of Linux for the desktop.. 

* Make a configuration option so that you can choose between
strike-through deletion and moving it to the trash for empty upon exit
or a menu selection, I much prefer just getting them out of my inbox

  I strongly agree with this.  I like to have items I "delete" be moved automatically to the trash and 
then I can decide to permenentaly delete them later on.. I know I always delete messages and then at
some later point go digging through the trash folder to find them again. I don't like to see the deleted
messages in the folder and I don't like expunging them and losing them forever. Right now I'm just 
selecting all the deleted messages and manually moving them to the trash.


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