[Evolution] large issue gone ignored?

I have seen this issue come up at least 3 times in the past 5 days on this
list, and not a single developer has responded to this question.  When
evolution is installed from debs or rpms for many of us, the "next" buttons
or "OK" buttons in all configuration locations, including setting up
identities, etc, are GREYED OUT, and therefore we cannot configure
evolution.  At all.  We are completely unable to test evolution, and our
testing capabilities are being completely wasted.  I would love to start
using evolution, but I can't even do that!

I would love to hack on the code myself, but I have other things going on in
my life right now that prevent me from doing so, and testing is the best way
for me to help out.  Could someone please look into this?  I have tried this
on a newly installed Debian 2.2 system (apt-get dist-upgraded with helix
gnome and the unstable branch of debian) and on a RedHat 6.1 system at work.

Any ideas?  Anyone going to fix this?  Can someone at least post a sample
mail configuration file so I can at least configure this thing manually?



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