Re: [Evolution] {Evolution} Trouble with imap #mh/ inbox

On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 09:29:01 -0500
Dan Winship <danw helixcode com> wrote:

I can't access my imap #mh/inbox folder. I have imap served up from
a server on my network. I have 5 mail folders using #mh/ and 4 of
them show with mail in but inbox appears empty even though there is
mail in there. Any ideas how I can get it to work?

Does this work for you with any other mailer?

Someone here was trying to use the UW imapd #mh thing too, and found
that it would only ever display unread messages. From what I could
find on the web, it seems that UW's MH support is pretty minimal and
not actually very usable.

I don't know for Tom, but I tested some other mailers with UW imapd. With
netscape 4.75/Linux, pine/Linux and Outlook 2000/Win NT the results are the
opposite than those observed with evolution: I can only see the INBOX folder.

I'm not able to switch to evolution because of this (I've ~200Mb of mh folders
and no time to write something that permits to transform them in evolution ones).

-- Dan


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