Re: [Evolution] More trouble with parsing e-mail addresses

This morning before work I replied to an e-mail address, which was
of the form "lastname, firstname" <email abc com>.
This really concerns me, because it appears as though Evolution sent
e-mail to
lastname home com
firstname home com
email abc com

Actually, it almost certainly sent to
lastname home com
firstname <email abc com>

What version are you using? I thought we fixed this already, but maybe
it's in CVS only, not 0.6.

I'm using CVS as of I think Friday some time.  I'm pretty relieved that
it only went to the two you showed above.  I just noticed this
this morning though, and I really haven't had much time to see what
exactly was going on.  So when you say it's fixed in CVS, do you mean
that it should only send to what's between <> when the name is in

As for your other comments, there's a bug in bugzilla saying that we
need to make the composer address entries behave in a more obvious
manner and indicate more clearly exactly who they're sending mail to.

I think this will be really good.  It startled me this morning when
I got the unexpected behavior.


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