Re: [Evolution] More trouble with parsing e-mail addresses

Actually, it almost certainly sent to
lastname home com
firstname <email abc com>

What version are you using? I thought we fixed this already, but maybe
it's in CVS only, not 0.6.

Well, I double-checked the e-mail that caused this, and it's hard
for me to tell, but I'm not sure it had quotes around the name.  
But I don't know for sure, because the e-mail is located on an IMAP
server.  However, I did send myself an e-mail to my POP account, and
when I look in my local mbox file, the To: field has quotes around
my name, but my From: address doesn't.  So I believe that's one
problem:  Evolution should put quotes around the From: address.

But it looks like the CVS version still isn't fixed.

And now when I try to reply to an e-mail I sent myself to see what
it puts into the To: and From: fields, Evo crashes.  Boy, this is
getting tiring.  Should I be filing bug reports about this, or
is it well enough known?


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