Re: [Evolution] Re: More trouble with parsing e-mail addresses

dan hensley att net writes:

I'm at work now so I can't check to see if there are quotes around
the user name, but whether there are or not, Evolution should NOT be
parsing addresses like this.

Well, RFC822 says it should be parsing addresses like that (if there
aren't commas around the name).  Perhaps the Evolution input field
should not use RFC822 syntax, and use something else which is
converted into it when sending the message?

I know it should follow that convention, and for all I know the
e-mail address that I replied to does follow that (I'll have to
verify that tonight).  The thing that really bothers me is that
as far as I could tell from the To: field was that my e-mail was
going to a single address, but when I actually sent it, it went
to at least 2, and probably 3 places.  There should be some sort
of visual cue as to what Evo is going to do.  I'm not sure what,
but the To: field should maybe show the results of how it is going
to parse the e-mail addresses BEFORE sending the e-mail, when it
is too late to correct anything.  At the very least it should
parse the field and display those results in the To: field when
the compose dialog comes up.  And then if you change any of those
fields (To, CC, etc.), maybe after a specified delay (5 sec?) after
typing in that field, go ahead and parse it again and display
the parsed results.  That way the user can see what is going to be
sent before hitting Send.


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