[Evolution] More trouble with parsing e-mail addresses

This morning before work I replied to an e-mail address,
which was of the form "lastname, firstname"
<email abc com>.  This was the only e-mail address shown
in the To: field after I hit Reply.  I sent my response,
but then a few minutes later I got an undeliverable error
message back saying that lastname home com (@Home is my
ISP) could not be found.  This really concerns me,
because it appears as though Evolution sent e-mail to
lastname home com
firstname home com
email abc com

I'm at work now so I can't check to see if there are
quotes around the user name, but whether there are or
not, Evolution should NOT be parsing addresses like
this.  I'm particularly concerned because I never got an
error message from firstname home com, which means my
e-mail went to someone for whom it was not intended.

Maybe Evo should use a semicolon to separate e-mail
addresses (the way Outbreak does)?  It's apparent that
commas don't work...


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