Re: [Evolution] IMAP Subscriptions

Because Evolution is pre-release software and so the upgrade path is
often bumpy.

I can live with that.  Especially so since I'm using CVS as of
last night (I guess I should be thankful it compiles and runs...).

I assume that "subscriptions" is something brand new, and
that since they weren't necessary before that's why when
I updated Evo I "lost" the previous working IMAP setup
(because there was no "subscribed" folder that needed to
be updated).  Is that sort of correct?


I could never get it to work quite right, so I ended up manually
blowing away everything I could find in the evolution directory
related to my IMAP account.  Then I reconfigured it in Evo, and it
was able to find my inbox and get going again.

P.S.  While I'm thinking about it, is something in the
works to be able to save passwords between sessions?


That's good to hear.

How about the ability to cancel mail checks in progress?

Yes, probably in 0.7.

This is good to hear too.  Evo frequently seems to get confused
or go into an endless loop during the mail check process, so right
now I have to kill it and start it up again (and enter all my passwords
again, arggh! :).

How do I recheck IMAP mail accounts once I'm in Evo?

"Get mail" will do that in the CVS version.

Yes, I'd recently noticed that.

-- Dan


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