Re: [Evolution] Printing irritations

I had this problem with Gnumeric cutting off my headers. I found that I
could adjust the margins from with-in Gnumeric, and that my paper size
was set to A4 by default, though I print on Letter size. It would seem
logical though that maybe the Gnome Control Centre should have a default
page setting capplet that allows users to set default paper sizes and
margins that can then be adjusted within an appication. 

Ok. I don't know if it's a problem in Evo, or a problem in the way I
have my printer set up.

I use Evo 0.6, on RedHat 6.2. Printer is a Canon BJ200e (an old inkjet).
I only see this problem in Evo.

When I print an email, it seems to cut off the right margin. For
example, the right margin is at least 1.5 inches (about 3.5-4
centimeters). And instead of wrapping text, Evi cuts it off.

I don't see this behavior in other programs.

Nor do I see anywhere to change margins, etc, when I go to print from

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