Re: [Evolution] GnomeCard & preview 7

Thanks for the tip. It worked and now I have 800 contacts in Evolution.


Evolution hasn't recognised some keyworks in the vcf file, such as WORK
or FAX, and hence hasn't imported those fields. Do I have to do a
"search and replace" within the vcf file to change them to keywords that
Evolution will recognise, and if so... what are they?

If this is true, then how do I scrub my current contact database in
Evolution so that I can import the new ones?

Thank you so much. This is really making Evolution into something that I
can use seriously. One caveat though is that the contact list isn't very
stable handling this amount of data at the moment. When I find out what
I am doing when the contact list dies, then I'll post it here ;-)



On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 04:55:10PM +0100, Florent Pitoun wrote:
- What is load-gnomecard-addressbook supposed to do?
I can't use it. I launch it and it does nothing.
It would appear that it tries to load 'gnomecard.vcf', which probably
doesn't exist. (I didn't have one).
1) run evolution, goto your Contacts view.
2) Open your favourite shell and type this:
 cp .gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd gnomecard.vcf
3) Evolution should flash around a bit as all of your gnomecard
addresses are imported.
4) Once they are all there, Ctrl-C the running
5) Done.

It worked for me, your mileage may vary :)


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