Re: [Evolution] Re: [HC Evolve] Calendar files - where are t

OK.. it works!

I did a killev then got rid of the evolution data files..

I think I've found a bug then...

after i exit evolution,
the file is somehow being kept opened
which means that if i do a "copy from pilot" sync with my palmpilot, it
APPENDS an additional set of data to my pilot

additionally, if i try to get a fresh copy into my evolution calendar, 
unless i do a killev, (i think) wombat keeps the file open.

this could cause a problem for both the gpilotd daemon and/or evolution.


Federico Mena Quintero wrote:

Benjamin Woo <bwoo mti com> writes:

ah ha!!!!
wombat IS running..
what other process do i need to kill

i normally just kill the evolution* processes..

do i need to kill oaf as well?

Killing OAF should not be necessary.  Evolution comes with a `killev'
script that you can run to kill all the Evolution-related processes
with extreme prejudice.


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