Re: [Evolution] GnomeCard & preview 7

On 3 Nov 2000, Emmet Fletcher wrote:

Thanks for the tip. It worked and now I have 800 contacts in


Evolution hasn't recognised some keyworks in the vcf file, such as
WORK or FAX, and hence hasn't imported those fields. Do I have to do a
"search and replace" within the vcf file to change them to keywords
that Evolution will recognise, and if so... what are they?

So, if these are phone fields, they are probably being imported and saved.  
The display just doesn't know how to display If you can send me any cards
that it doesn't recognize (you can save individual cards from evolution
and then attach them as emails,) I can probably figure out why it doesn't
recognize them and fix it.  You can send them to me only if you don't want
to send them to the list.  You can also just send me the entire list if
you prefer that.  Either way is fine, but individual cards is easier for

If this is true, then how do I scrub my current contact database in
Evolution so that I can import the new ones?

rm $HOME/evolution/local/Contacts/addressbook.db

Thank you so much. This is really making Evolution into something that
I can use seriously. One caveat though is that the contact list isn't
very stable handling this amount of data at the moment. When I find
out what I am doing when the contact list dies, then I'll post it here

Sounds great.  I look forward to the information.


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