[Evolution] GnomeCard & preview 7

First of all,

Thanks for the good work that's been done on this version.
I have some questions:

- What is load-gnomecard-addressbook supposed to do?
I can't use it. I launch it and it does nothing.

- New Mail indicator for folders
I think I have already seen shting about this but I'm not sure of the
When is it going to be impemented?
It prevents many of us to switching to evolution :(

- Netscape mail folders to evolution
A collegue of mine (Vincent Saugey) has been nice enough to write a
script that migrates Netscape mail folders to evolution mail folders
(and sub-folders).
If anybody is interrested... just e-mail me.

- Regarding palm synch, I only have the todos that work.

Florent Pitoun      -     Linux-Mandrake Product Manager
mailto:fpitoun mandrakesoft com - Tel: +33
----           http://www.linux-mandrake.com        ----

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