Re: [Evolution] Re: [HC Evolve] Calendar files - where are t

hmm. my linux know-how is now stretched to its limit..

new and interesting development...

$ evolution &
$ cd ~/evolution/local/Calendar
$ ls

and it came out with calendar.ics, calendar.ics~ and one other file

then i did:

$ cd
$ rm -rf evolution/
$ evolution &

now you would have assumed that with the rm -rf command that all the
data files would have been deleted.. but when i ran evolution again..
BAM! the data was back.. ???

Brett.. in the meantime, can you be more specific with the commands..
i'm not familiar with the use of strace..



On Fri, 03 Nov 2000 12:17:26 Brett Randall wrote:
On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, bwoo mti com wrote:

i did the following:

$ strace evolution-calendar

and it spewed ou a long long output.. what am i looking for?

Try grepping for ics or calendar or some similar word that might be
the calendar file that is being loaded. You might also want to try
using awk or perl on it to search for a regex such as !(/\S+)+!g. ie
pipe the output of strace through | perl -we "while (<>) { print if
!(/\S+)+!g; }".

"Reach out and grep someone."

- Bell Labs Unix 

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MTI Technology
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