Re: [Evolution] CVS version still missing words from messages.

It does this on new messages that have never been replied to as 
well so I don't think thats the problem.  The message is all there 
you just can't see it.

Well I reported this once.  I've compiled the latest versions of
gtkhtml, gal and evolution from cvs as of yesterday
afternoon.  Evolution still won't display entire sentences in
messages.  It is actually rather useless as a mail reader because I
don't get all the message.

I did the same thing, immediately grabbed a CVS copy and compiled that
and had the same problem. So, I updated the next day and hey presto, the
bug was gone. After looking at the actual mail messages, evolution
appeared to be truncating messages that began with ">"'s e.g. just about
any message that had been replied to and the message body quoted. I'm
assuming that someone fixed the problem and updated CVS. I'm using
debian and downloaded debian packages to install Evolution and found it
worse than the previous preview. I've now recompiled the CVS version and
it stays up for whole days at a time without problems!

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