Re: [Evolution] Filttering Still

[comments below]

On 01 Nov 2000, Jeffrey A Schoolcraft wrote:

copy to, is essentially move.  you don't have multiple copies running
around.  at least 
I don't when I use that filtering.

When 0.7 is released, Copt-to will be a tad different, it'll deliver a copy
to the Inbox as well. I think in 0.6 it didn't do that but to distinguish
Move-to and Copy-to we've changed the behavior a slight bit in CVS.

(just a heads-up)

General comment while replying to the list:
replying to emails with text inline seems to make word wrapping not work.
 So I have to physically insert the CR if I want a line break.  This is
somewhat annoying because formatting on the receiving end will be a
little screwed up as well.

If you change the formatting type from "Pre" to "Normal", Evolution will
word-wrap for you. Unfortunately, the composer currently starts you off in
Pre mode when you reply to a message (because it wraps the replied text in
the <pre> tag)


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