Re: [Evolution] Filttering Still

copy to, is essentially move.  you don't have multiple copies running around.  at least 
I don't when I use that filtering.

General comment while replying to the list:
replying to emails with text inline seems to make word wrapping not work.  So I have to physically insert the 
CR if I want a line break.  This is somewhat annoying because formatting on the receiving end will be a 
little screwed up as well.

second, great job so far.  I'm using evo 0.6 on a RH7 system and I like it a lot.  My only complaint
as noted before, is that using all this filter, it would be great to see numbers appear next to folders, 
saying how many unread/read messages you had.
or possibly just bold the folder to show you have new mail (in folder view).


Sorry if I sent the first one to the wrong place...

I'm Still a tad lost here sorry,  I have 4 Email accounts and have made
an Inbox
for each under the inbox eg:


But When I got to Filter I can only find a copy to option no MOVE, or no
by account option
either to have it move the mail for a give account to the named inbox.

I it I make a Vfolder that seems to work but my inbox as mail in it with
a line strikout through it
so it still shows in the inbox. Being able to move it to a given folder
them means I can create
a Vfolder to single out mail from a give name thats stored in the folder
eg: if i get an Email
from Joe Blow on my Startrek account I make a Vfolder for mail from Joe
Blow and the source is the Startrek folder. but it become very hard to
do that with all 4 accounts in the inbox rather than
each Mail account in it's own inbox. so I guess a by account filter
would be nice and a Move
action too. or am I missing the plot here some how?

Pete ( Kiwi-Hawk)

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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