Re: [Evolution] wish-list (again)

Adam Sleight wrote:

there is already a email server on that runs on linux that does all that except
the calendaring stuff....check out
I've been running it for almost a year and most everyone uses IMAP and a few use
webmail and just a dinky few still use POP.'s commercial....that's the only thing that sucks...but the free
customer support is totally awesome.

Yes, and we've also got for example HP OpenMail - which also is
available for Linux.

One of the points of developing an open source variant of this is that
there is always situations when you want to do something out of the

For example, if you want to add wap-support or something using a
commercial variant - you're either stuck with what some company thinks
is important, or you have to do a lot of extra work to get it up and
running. (wap-support would be easy through just adding a
wap-imap-client, but you get the point) You will also loose the point of
having an integrated product with integrated configuration utilities.


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