Re: [Evolution] ACT 2000!

This is the kind of thing that, if done right (read, "made highly
customizable and flexible") could result in thousands or tens of
thousands of people using Evolution.

Is not volution going to b customizable etc?  I hope it's not going to
be tied to a non customizable GUI that resembles the default Outlook

My understanding (Dreams more like it. I have not really followed the
progress, just the hype of Evolution as an Outlook Killer) is that it
will be at least a customizable as Outlook at first.  

I expect that I will be able to customize the GUi by adding extra fields
to the contact and email windows, axtra tabs for more info.  The ability
to add custom fields to forms etc etc.

I expect a Journal, and history and ___and ___ and ___ etc.

We are asking a lot from the guys I guess.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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