Re: [Evolution] Do I need to recompile Bonobo?

    hector> Hi all I have read that evolution does support OAF now, do
    hector> I have to recompile bonobo with OAF support?

  Yes, if you want to use Evolution with OAF.  Evolution still works
equally well with the old GNORBA setup too, though, and probably will
for a while.

    hector> By the way, I have been able to test also the calendar
    hector> component, I have noticed that it takes a really long time
    hector> to change from the mail component to the calendar
    hector> component, is this normal? (I´m use a P133)

  When you click on the calendar,  Evolution has to fire up the Wombat
(the CORBA server  handling the addressbook and the  calendar) and the
Calendar control.  What  you experience is the start-up  time of these
two executables; it should only happen the first time you activate the
component, though.  (Unless, of course, the component crashes for some
reason and then needs to be relaunched.  :-))

  Unfortunately,  this is a  problem with  all the  GNOME executables.
Maybe in the  future Evolution will fire up  all the components during
the startup sequence,  and this will prevent any  visible delay in the
user interface.


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