Re: [Evolution] Do I need to recompile Bonobo?

Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

    hector> Hi all I have read that evolution does support OAF now, do
    hector> I have to recompile bonobo with OAF support?

  Yes, if you want to use Evolution with OAF.  Evolution still works
equally well with the old GNORBA setup too, though, and probably will
for a while.

This is good news since OAF doesn't work for me (problems described at

I just tried compiling bonobo/evolution without OAF support, and sure
enough, it runs. However, it provides no functionality. For example, if
I try the new mail message command, I get:

evolution-shell-WARNING **: EShellView: command_new_mail_message: not

Also when I start up, the main panel displays:

        "Cannot open location: evolution:/local/Inbox"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan Heise

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