RE: [Evolution] "Why I hate Outlook"

I also live in Outlook, and may biggest complaint is that there isn't a
linux client. I run vmware just to get to outlook and our exchange server. I
would kill for a better than outlook client-which is exactly what you guyz
are working on...
Other wishes-
I'd love to see JWZ get some of the features that bbdb(his creation) into
evolution. For example it would be great if any found address information
could be automatically added to the address book database and that a email
folder automatically gets created for each entity(person or list) that sends
me mail. So I could just do a key-command to "cleanup" that would put mail
in the appropriate entity's folder after I have read the email. I do this
manually and I've never been not able to find mail that I need.

It would also be great if evolution had a sister project to develop a
competitive server architecture to exchange. That way people would start
using evolution and eventually could switch the comany to the linux based
server. I know there is HP's openmail, but its not OpenSource.

There is a reason Outlook is so popular, its a very effective application.

Chuck Fletcher
VP of Technology 

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hello all.

In my  daily going-about I have mentioned to a number of people that
Helix is doing something that will "Be Better than Outlook".  This
usually leads them to tell me what they'd like to see in an email
client, etc.  I know what jwz says about user input, and i tend to
agree.  These may or may not be at all useful. The people i heard from
tend to check email at least once a day, but don't live in their mail
clients and don't get more than ten or twenty messages a day.  

As someone who lives in Outlook, I made a nice big explicit list of stupid
things that Outlook does and sent it to Miguel (because the lists were down
at the time, and the helixcode list didn't exist).  I don't know if he ever
got it, but I still have a copy in case it never got circulated.

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