Re: [Evolution] are there nightly builds?

Jamie Zawinski said:

There will still be the issue of getting a set of executables and
libraries that all work together, but the easiest way around that will
probably be to, for example, have the Evolution tinderbox only compile
against the released RPMs.  If Evolution doesn't compile/work with those
RPMs, then you know it's time to bump the version number and release new
betas of the support libraries, so that the Evolution RPM will tell you
that you need to upgrade to a newer set of lib RPMs.

How feasible would it be to get Evolution to use its own LD_LIBRARY_PATH
temporarily, until the required changes to the other std GNOME components
get into the released GNOME version?

That way, while Evolution is under heavy development, the required libs
and components could be provided in binary form for install in
/usr/lib/evolution (or whatever). Then:

  * developers wishing to hack on Evolution could checkout and build just
  the Evolution source, using the binaries for the dependencies;

  * users wishing to try it could have an easier time using nightly builds,
  as the dependencies may not need to be downloaded every time the Evol
  nightly-build binary changes;

  * less building required for the nightly build. (this may not be
  entirely desirable though, as you want to ensure a complete
  build-from-scratch for quality purposes anyway.)

Then once the changes to the GNOME libs/components got into the released
GNOME code, /usr/lib/evolution (or whatever) would go away, or the libs
therein would at least.


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