RE: [Evolution] Will evolution be able to import Outlook's PST files ?

Daniel Persson wrote:

Will it be able to import Outlook's .pst files or are they propitary and
closed ?

While .pst files are proprietary, and probably something based on OLE
streams (and therefore something possible to extract using...?, I forget;
some [L]GPL'd library out there), MS provides an ODBC driver for outlook
(2000 anyway). What this means is that on your windows box, you can run an
SQL query against your .pst file and retrieve all your messages. It
shouldn't be too difficult to extract them in an mbox format file. When
Evolution gets stable, and I have time to futz with this stuff, this is my
planned method of migration.

I have no idea if MS was kind enough to provide the same driver for
Outlook Express, or any of the earlier Outlooks prior to 2000. <pause>
Come to think of it, I run MS Office 2000 Premium, so perhaps this is
something they only included in the high end. I should try to verify

Ray Lee / ray madrabbit org ~ rblee impulse net

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