RE: [Evolution] have you seen this message?

1) Like it is now, just document it, because of course everyone will
   read the documentation and be enlightened.
2) Outlook style.

For the record, Outlook ('98/2000 at least) actually does #1. It has a
setting as to whether this should be enabled and what the
timeout should be.
I thought I'd like this, but it turns out to be annoying.
(Skimming masses
of messages that are uninteresting turns out to be difficult.
pause, up-arrow, pause, ...'. I never knew how long two
seconds was until I had to wait on a computer to count it out.)

My outlook 2000 lets me scroll at a rate of about 8 messages a second if I
hold an arrow key.... my "mark Read" delay is set to 5 seconds.


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