Re: [Evolution] have you seen this message?

  3) Messages should be marked read immediately upon being opened.
     People can mark them unread again by hand if they need to.
     (You can't toggle the flag by hand right now, but you will be
     able to.)

I really like this method the most. In Outlook it is frustrating when I get
a 'one-line' message or get something on the cvs-commits list and I have to
'wait' for it to be 'read' or I have to use some clunky right-click menu
system to read it.

Mark by default as 'read' - in my opinion - If a user wants to mark it as
'unread' later then that should be in the clunky right-click menu.

One frustrating thing about Outlook was that when I open a folder it
'automatically selects' the last message or the first message (I forget
which) - it pisses me off, because then that message is marked as 'read (say
I open the folder and then go to the bathroom or something). My thinking is
opening a folder != opening (or previewing) the first mail.

  4) Messages should be marked read immediately upon being opened.
     People can use Shift + up/down arrow (or something) to move the
     cursor in the message list without opening messages, and Return
     or Space or something to select. (This is basically how most
     Emacs-based mail readers work.)

I like this - shit up/down arrow would be cool (In outlook though, I usually
use 'delete' to go onto the next message)

  5) Messages should be marked read only after you've scrolled all the
     way to the bottom of them. (This seems to make some sort of
     sense, but at the same time seems like it could be
     wrong/annoying. Do any other mail programs do this, and if so,
     how well does it work?) (Also, this leaves the question of "what
     about messages that fit on one screen and don't need to be

I don't like this idea. Feels very unintiuitive - and usually, I don't
scroll all the way down to the bottom because I don't want to (rather, I
don't care to) see the .sigs at the bottom.

  6) Like 5, but the spacebar means "scroll" if you're not at the
     bottom of the message, and "mark this message read and jump to
     the next message" if you are. (aka "DWIM mode")

hmm - I'm not sure i like this. Most of the 'new' users won't figure this
out by default. Usually (in mutt) I use two different buttons to scroll and
to go onto the next message. Having the same button do two actions, it
doesn't feel right to me.


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