Re: [Evolution] mailing list

Alexander Skwar <askwar gmx de> writes:

 One thing for evolution folks. Please include link to page in each
mailing list mail, send weekly password to people so that no more of

Yes, that's actually a very good idea!  Please do this.  And while we are
begging: Please also set the Reply-To: header to the mailing list.  This
would make replying to a mail on the list a lot easier!

Please don't, in fact!  If you're going to send out a password
mailing, I think the monthly mailing used by other lists is a better
idea than weekly.  And setting Reply-To to a mailing list is wrong,
wrong, wrong.  It makes replying to the sender a significant pain, and
only really benefits people who don't know how to operate email or who
have broken/losing mail clients.


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