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 Go to that same page, click send me my password, wait for it (10
seconds or such), choose unsubscribe, write your password, hit change
or whatever it is. You are done.
 Btw, you can also click digest mode to receive a daily digest instead
of 100 emails.


 One thing for evolution folks. Please include link to page in each
mailing list mail, send weekly password to people so that no more of
these stupid messages gets through anymore, at least those with
unsubscribe in the subject line. Thanks

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On 6/14/00, 1:00:23 PM, Tim Neeck <neeck aux uwm edu> wrote regarding
[Evolution] mailing list:

I have tried to get off of this list before without success.  I am too
to contribute to the evolution project, and don't need to read all of
email about it.  I did subscribe to this list, but I don't want to be
on it
any more.  I went to the mail administration page and tried to remove
from the list but the password that I received from that program
work, which means I can't unsubscribe on my own.  One of you must be
able to
help get me off this list.

Evolution is a great guys are all hard working and

If you can help me get off this list please reply.  If not, have a
good day.

Tim Neeck

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