Re: [Evolution] email notification wish list

The way I have my mail notification setup working is that it notifies me
only for messages that are not to mailing lists.  I do this by having a
script grovel over my Netscape mail filters and construct similar
filters for "xfaces" to consult.  Then, for each message that I do get a
notification about, xfaces stacks up an icon with the email address and
the subject.  So from across the room I can have a visual indication of
how much mail I have, and if it's more than the last time I looked.

Decisions about mail notification are very similar to decisions about
where to file new messages, so the two mechanisms should be linked in
some way.  

But the mail notification tool should definitely be a separate program
than the mail reader, so that one can run multiple copies of it on
different displays.

However, when talking to POP3 (or, I think, IMAP) you're going to be in
a world of hurt if there are two different processes talking to the same
server, so you want all server communication to go through one

Jamie Zawinski
jwz jwz org   
jwz dnalounge com

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