[Evolution] Problems with Evolution


I would like to point some problems I have with Evolution

1- I download frequently Evolution from CVS and I have noticed that now
Evolution is very slown to launch (3 or 5 minutes!!!) and I have many messages like:

IMLIB ERROR: SHM can't get SHM Identifier for Shared XImage
             Falling back on XImages

I was using a GTK pixmap theme (Marble 3D), I have turned to default theme and
now it is OK. I am aggree that pixmaps themes can slow the machine but a week or
two ago Evolution was fast with the same theme. So may be there is a

2- The message composer is not yet usable for me, "backspace" is not working,
"return" does not go to a new line. Is the developpement not finished yet ? I not
I have a problem somewhere

3- I'm trying to update a translation files but i can see only a few
messages. Those from the contact editor dialog box or calendar component are
not appearing. Is it normal ?


email: jmardantz ifrance com
site web: http://www.ifrance.com/ardantz
(Screenshots of Evolution and Nautilus)

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