Re: [Evolution] AUTH and BASE64

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:


They will not be Base64 encoded spaces in the EHLO response, that will all
be plain text, therefor the esmtp_get_authtypes code is NOT broken

the actual AUTH tokens will be base64 encoded (possibly - according to the
RFC some may not support the base64 encoding)

Now...what *is* broken is the initial HELO vs EHLO code, we currently send
HELO if we do not detect the support of ESMTP, when, in fact, we should
probably send EHLO *first* no matter what, then, if that is rejected, send
HELO rather than trying to auto-detect


Please refer to my latest email.  It contains a section of the RFC where it
shows that the space following AUTH should be = even though AUTH and the
AUTH_TYPES are in plain ASCII.  If you do a search on 'SPACE' in that email you
will find it in the quoted section 7.

To be honest, it seems some servers send AUTH=LOGIN, while others send AUTH
LOGIN... so maybe Evolution should check for both.

Please do not get mad at me for reading other code and an RFC... this is the way
they do it apparently.  We can't go throwing our weight around years later!

Trever Adams
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