[Evolution] Another set of ideas for evolutioni

here are more ideas for evolution

Evolution is currently designed to help organize and track email,
appointments, etc.

However there are three additional areas of communication that are vital for
businesses and that it would be valuable for Evolution to track.

1)  Reports, books, and documents not on the computer, as well as documents
that are on the computer that are not email

I was recently at a presentation, in which the author of "Taming the Paper
Tiger" suggested the following.  Each document should be filed under
multiple file headers so that for say Car Insurance - it could be filed
under "Car", "Transportation", "Insurance", and numerous other headings.
One then has a indexed list of these file headings.  On each of these papers
you put a number, then by searching a category you are able to find the
associated number (Preferably with the document title or some other
information for providing context - who is it from, etc... along with who
has the document/where the document was filed).  Since on average we waste
150-300 hours (per person!) per year searching for misplaced documents, we
should again see substantial time savings.

Of course the indexed list could be done done by entering the item as an
email message, and then using vfolders, but a different interface would
likely be more intuitive.  One could achieve additional benefit by scanning
each of the documents and then attaching them to the the file used to index
(and hopefully we'll get a good OCR implementation in the not too distant

Having autogenerated Vfolders, based upon ones field of business might be
useful as well.  (Or, one could use my "synonym/thresaurus search" idea
,discussed in a previous message to the evolution list, to auto generate
potential vfolders based on frequency counts - the user selects the synonym
that is most intuitive to them, and then files under that, but documents
that use the similar word could still be found without additional effort...)

And a legalistic question...
For organizational purposes, many people use day planner/franklin planner
software.  Can we legitimately use the same layout for an alternative
interface?  For instance, I am fond of the Layout used in Covey's "First
Things First", yet I'm fairly certain that the layout is copyrighted.  So,
would be be able to use their layout as an interface to evolution?  If so,
would we be able to print them?  This seems like it would be a look and feel
issue, which wasn't supported in MS vs. Apple, but on the other hand it
seems to also be a copyright issue.

Please feel free to comment,

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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