[Evolution] feature request Remote backup

I would like to have the ability to automatically back up my mail box (and
likely other valuable documents), to a remote location.  Preferably to one
of the free archiving services available on the net.  (Of course local
automatic backup to a zip disk or some such would be nice as well..).  This
is possibly a feature that would be valuable in all of gnome, but I'm
particularly interested in it for my email messages (which make up the
majority of my valuable documents...).  Ideally, all I would have to do
would be to type in my remote account information, the time I would like the
backup done, whether or not I would like my mailbox encrypted, and select
the folders I would like backed up.  Then, these settings could be stored to
a floppy (backup location information etc...).  Then, when disaster struck I
could do a reinstall/recover of my Redhat and Helixgnome installation, and
then pop in my floppy, run a 'restore my data' command, and have my mailbox
(and valuable appointment, contacts, other documents, etc.) rapidly restored
and me back to work immediately.  This would virtually eliminate the hassles
caused by not having access to good storage media, and provide a excellent
level of computing safety for the end user...  (This would not be as useful
for home users who have vast amounts of mpegs, mp3, and other rich media
files, but for data with minimal storage requirements, such as emails and
documents, this could be a major boon).

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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