Re: [Evolution] SQL

Michael Poole wrote:

Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob ZOOstation cc> writes:

Will it be possible to create queries in SQL for the vFolders?

I don't want much do I?

This seems a little bit of an unusual request to me.. but it should be
possible to translate a query (written in a constrained subset of SQL)
into a "native" vFolder criteria.  Because of the complication of ANSI
SQL as a language (MySQL's parser, not including lexer, is a 65 KB .yy
file that expands to a 408 KB .cc file), and fact that you really only
need the WHERE clause of the query to identify matching mail, it would
be unwieldy and unnecessary to include a full parser in a mail client.

Of course, performing the query efficiently is a whole other matter :)

I guess what I really meant was will there be (I hate the term) "Power
User" queries.   

What I am looking for is the abilty to treat all the info in Evolution
as "data" in a database, that means mail folders as tables, contacts as
a table etc etc.  

Kind of like the way Outlook can be linked to tables in an .mdb
database.   Only the way the outlook linking works is pointless,  Only
some fields are linked, and most of the usefull stuff is missing.


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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