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Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 20:23:15 CEST
From: Xavier Bestel <n0made free fr>
To: Dan Winship <evolution helixcode com>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] No store available
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On Thu, 08 Jun 2000, Dan Winship wrote:
Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 12:09:07 -0400
To: n0made free fr
From: Dan Winship <danw helixcode com>
Subject: Re: [Evolution] No store available 

Since rpm 0.1 I have something new: Evolution starts, it starts its
components, but then opens a dialog saying: "Unable to get folder
file:///home/xav/local/Inbox: No store available for protocol 'mbox'"

That means it can't find the Camel providers.

Did you "make install" ?

What options did you use when you configured/built/installed?

-- Dan

I did: 
./autogen --prefix=~/cvsgnome
then hand-edit configure assign manually the UNICODE* vars (I don't know
why I have no unicode-config on my system)
make install

OK, forget it, I have forget to remove the evolution rpms. Now it works !!
I don't know why the rpms didn't work ...
Now I get tons of:
IMLIB ERROR: SHM can't get SHM Identifier for Shared Pixmap Wrapper
             Falling back on Shared XImages
(perhaps due to my pixmap theme ? other apps don't do that)
and when I try to send a mail:
composer-ERROR **: Cannot get `control:html-editor'.

BTW, there's something that should be stated in the docs : after having set
GNOME_PATH to the build directory, add GNOME_PATH/bin to the path ... seems
quite stupid, but I didn't think about it until today (I thought it would find its components through 



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