Re: [Evolution] SQL

Rob Brown-Bayliss <rob ZOOstation cc> writes:

Will it be possible to create queries in SQL for the vFolders?  

I don't want much do I?

This seems a little bit of an unusual request to me.. but it should be
possible to translate a query (written in a constrained subset of SQL)
into a "native" vFolder criteria.  Because of the complication of ANSI
SQL as a language (MySQL's parser, not including lexer, is a 65 KB .yy
file that expands to a 408 KB .cc file), and fact that you really only
need the WHERE clause of the query to identify matching mail, it would
be unwieldy and unnecessary to include a full parser in a mail client.

Of course, performing the query efficiently is a whole other matter :)

In a related note (directed towards the Helix Code folks), how will
Evolution handle vFolders for non-local mail stores?  Suppose it is
connected to an IMAP4 server -- would it try to use the IMAP4 search
facilities?  What if a server offered an extension to support
vFolder-type queries?  (I ask because I'm working on such a server,
and would like to expose its index-based searches through some mail

Michael Poole

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