Re: [Evolution] SQL

In a related note (directed towards the Helix Code folks), how will
Evolution handle vFolders for non-local mail stores?  Suppose it is
connected to an IMAP4 server -- would it try to use the IMAP4 search


CamelFolder has a "has_search_capability" flag that specifies whether
the folder can be searched or not, and each CamelFolder subtype can
implement its own searching routines. (Mbox folders use a generic
local-disk searching interface which will also be shared with Maildir
and MH folders when we reimplement them. IMAP folders use the IMAP
SEARCH command. POP folders can't be searched, unless you cache them
to local disk.)

What if a server offered an extension to support vFolder-type
queries? (I ask because I'm working on such a server, and would like
to expose its index-based searches through some mail clients.)

You would need to create a new Camel provider for the new kind of
server, that handled the search queries appropriately. (If this is
just an IMAP server with an extension rather than a new kind of mail
server, you could just subclass the existing IMAP provider classes and
override just the search functionality.)

Or, if your extension was simple, or became popular, it could possibly
be incorporated into the existing IMAP code.

-- Dan

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