[Evolution] Re: remote X (and autogen.sh fix

On Wed, 07 Jun 2000 19:53:24 -0700 (PDT), Seer Snively
<seer northcoast com> wrote: 

I was at work and I wanted to show my friend this cool new email client
called Evolution, so I ssh'ed my way thru my DSL firewall and into my
workstation at home.  I set my display to my work linux workstation and
fired up evolution.
Well, it doesn't work quite right.  I get the main window plus the "Don't
blame us" dialog box, but the "button bar" is missing and there is nothing
where the list of messages would be.  The box for the message was there
but blank. 
The missing pieces show up on the other machine (local to the
evolution processes).

Can't be sure about the list of messages, though. I don't see it at
all, local or remote. But everybody else seems to have it.


Jon Kåre

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