[Evolution] No store available

Hi !

I've never been able to launch Evolution successfully.

I tried Version 0.0, then some CVS snapshots, then rpms for 0.1, then
latests CVS snapshots ... no way.

I ran through all common problems described in this mailing list, tried all
exposed solutions ... nope.
Since rpm 0.1 I have something new: Evolution starts, it starts its
components, but then opens a dialog saying: "Unable to get folder
file:///home/xav/local/Inbox: No store available for protocol 'mbox'"

you can see the screenshot at

I tried rm -Rf /tmp/*  ~/evolution, reboot & retry
I have a RH6.2 + Helix Gnome 1.2 (latest) + Erik's rpms

I have 100M free on disk and 200M free on swap.

I have no reminescent self-build Gnome libs in /usr/local

I really would like to see Evolution's Welcome mail ...


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