[Evolution] Contact list

Often times local users do not search a contact by the correct full name.
For instance the name will be entered "The Goober and Davis Corporation" and
they will do a search on Goober, and not come up with the address (or will
search on Goober Corporation, or Goober Corp. or Davis or Davis and Goober
...).  What I'd like is for the contact manager to be 'smart' enough to
recognize common abbreviations and their variations (Corp., & and, etc.), as
well as articles (A, The, etc.) and names both in and out of order (Davis
and Goober, Goober and Davis) truncated/partial (Goober, Davis) and possibly
spelling errors (Gober for Goober, etc.).  This is not terribly important
for databases of less than fifty contacts, but for databases with a 100+
contacts (ours grows by 500 or so each month...) it's almost a necessity -
in order to avoid creating unneccessary duplicates, and to save significant
time on the part of the searcher.  Some of this functionality exists in
Outlook (I can search for partial names and words out of order).  But spell
correcting or 'near hits' is not.  (None of this functionality is supported
in Act! 2000, which is the primary software used in our sales and other
departments - It is used primarily because of the superior ability to track
notes and other information with the contact information.  As well as the
user defined fields, etc...)

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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