[Evolution] Todo lists

Many todo lists have only two states for the todo - done or not done.
Additionally, they do not allow for updates/actions that have been done
regarding the todo.

What I propose is adding a 'partially completed state'- that allows for
tracking progress along a todo.  I would also add an area for additional
notes about the todo to further describe it's state of progress, etc.

For instance a todo of setting up an appointment

begin todo

Call Sue's secretary and set up an appointment in the near future...

note 1) called Sue, her secretary set up a tentative date of DD/MM/YY, she
should give a solid confirmation or change of plans this monday

note 2)  Sues secratry called, the new appointment date is DD/MM/YY

end todo

Now for an individual working on their own, this is less important.  But
when you are working with a group of people, it's important to know wheter a
task has been initialized and what state the task is in.  To my knowledge,
most task/todo list software does not have this functionality.  The best
implementation to my mind would be using a nesting widget ie a rotating
triangle that you click on to expand/colapse a thread ( I seem to vaguely
recall Netscapes newsgroup functionality doing this, it seems more intuitive
to me then the + in a box widget, but either way is fine.  I suppose the +
in a box would be better because of consistency...)

Your thoughts?

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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