[Evolution] imap subfolders

Looking at camel-imap-folder.c, I see that you always check that the
folder name is "INBOX". I'm guessing here that this is why none of the
messages in other folders are being seen. You do this in init,
get_message_count, and some other places. Are you sure that the folder
name handling is correct for the else cases there?

Also, I was trying to find the code for the "get mail" button so I could
track down why we're not getting imap mail. Can anyone point me in the
right direction? I was looking in e-shell-view.c and it looks like it's
the application bar? It that right? And there's a proc somewhere for


michael cardenas                 
mcarde02 fiu edu 
http://www.helixcode.com - The evolution has begun...

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