Re: [Evolution] A couple of show stoppers...

A show stopper for people other than me (I like whips and chains, the
nastir the better) is the whole "your whatever copmponent has died")

No offence intende to the nice people who hav eprovided me with my mail
prog of choice (Yes, I use evo every day for some time now, 0.3 i think,
I'm a sick bugger)

But, the click on a mail and get 10 or more messages thast some componet
has died sucks.  Really.  It reminds me of the lovely windows message
("Cant create activex component") in that it means nothing but pain to
the user...

Actually, it's a LOT better in 0.8. At least I only get one such message -
previously, I used to get one of these messages for every folder. And since
Evo used to crash so often, I got sick of clicking "OK" 25 times, once for
every folder I have, every time Evo crahsed when expunging (which was once
out of every 2-3 expunges). Now, I only get one "Mail component has died
message", once every 10 or so expunges. Still too often, but MUCH better.
Kudos to the team.

I really would have expected this to be gone by 0.8  Clicking on a mail
in a list should never ever ever kill a mail prog.  Sorry.

A good point. Not be able to display a wrongly formatted email, sure. Show
an error dialog or something, sure. Crash the whole program, no. But I'm
sure that kind of robustness will be coming along soon.

Still... I use it every day for in > 250 mails.  It  handels it well for
pre-beta software...

"Pre-beta"? It's at 0.8, out of 1.0 (which will be the first offical
released version). I'd call that "late beta".

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