Re: [Evolution] .pst (MS Outlook) import

OK, there are two issues:

        - what mangling Exchange server does
        - what mangling Outlook does

For Exchange, while it may store messages in a mangled state, it
always knows how to unmangle them: if you turn on the IMAP interface,
you can get happy, fun, MIME-compliant messages out of it. So all the
info is still there somewhere.

Maybe Outlook does the same sort of mangling in .pst files even though
they're only for a single user, just to share code. I don't know. But
anyway, the information is definitely all still in there, because
Outlook can get to the attachments, show the full headers, etc.

If the VBA interfaces can't get attachments or full headers, then it
sounds like they only have access to the same info you can get by
exporting the folder as a comma-separated file from Outlook itself. So
if people want PST import, someone is going to have to write a parser
for the PST files themselves.

-- Dan

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