Re: [Evolution] .pst (MS Outlook) import

On Mon Dec 18, 2000 at 11:17:14AM -0500, Dan Winship wrote:

If the VBA interfaces can't get attachments or full headers, then it
sounds like they only have access to the same info you can get by
exporting the folder as a comma-separated file from Outlook itself. So
if people want PST import, someone is going to have to write a parser
for the PST files themselves.

I don't think that's necessary: one can use MAPI or Simple MAPI, which
is quite ugly to program, but does enable you to get all the
information. The VBA objects for Exchange build on MAPI, but don't
give you everything.

Of course, a PST importer would give you the benefit of not requiring a
Windows box. 


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