RE: [Evolution] .pst (MS Outlook) import

Ryan Waldron wrote:

On 17 Dec 2000, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

- A minimum set of message headers is exported
- Only the plain text body of each message is exported
- No allowances are made for non-ASCII characters in message
headers or
- Attachments are not exported

  What are these limitations caused by?  Are they hard to overcome?
Isn't there a simple way to just retrieve the raw message with all the
headers and without any mangling?

Easier said than done, I'm afraid.  I have spent some very unpleasant
time with Exchange, and learned a couple of nasty bits about it.

Exchange does not store messages in their pristine state when they
come in.  First it mangles them, THEN it stores them.  So by the time
it's made it into a filestore, it's already mangled.


The main problem I had was getting access to the headers I wanted...
Outlook does not provide access to the Sender's email address, just their
name.  I got around that by creating a reply to the current message then
extracting the recipient's email address from it.  This happens in memory,
so there's no windows popping up and no mail being sent, but it still
slows the process down a bit.

There are other assorted annoyances, like the message-id header is not
exposed at all, and neither is the timezone of the message - I have it
defaulting to the timezone of the user's computer...

The program doesn't do non-ASCII characters (they are passed through
unchanged) and attachments because the Base64 encoder I wrote in VBA is
hideously slow (~1.5hrs to Base64 encode 1MB!!!).  VBA does not have
bitshifts, which sucks.  There is a function you can call to save an
attachment to disk, so the plan was to save each attachment, open it,
Base64 encode it and output it.

The thing that *really* annoyed me (other than the lack of bitshifts) was
that Outlook *does* store all the headers somewhere, but doesn't let you
get at them from VBA.  If you select Options from a message's context menu
in Outlook, all the headers are there for you to see, but that's all you
can do with them.

tim wirejunkie com

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