Re: [Evolution] Weekly Feature Request Summary (12/6)

I agree with most of these suggestions, except I think the three recommendations you have for checking mail 
should all be options, rather than hard-coded changes. Especially the re-indexing one, that would KILL my 
poor lil system. :(

Otherwise it's fine. :)


Hello Evolution lovers!

A little before Thanksgiving, Miguel contacted me to help him gather a list
of feature requests for upcoming 0.7 release. After doing some Evolution
mail searching action (vfolders are NICE), a little mail archive reading and
a few bugzilla searches, this is what I got. I sorted the requests in a
(hopefully) useful fashion, but suggestions for how the summary should be
formated are most welcome.

I'm currently using the stable 0.6 release and will try to get CVS evolution
running soon. I've marked various requests with editorial comments and if
you guys have any comments or suggestions, feel free to mail them to me and
the mailing lists so that they can be added to next week's summary. If
certain requests are 'fixed' in CVS, tell me that too, i'll add that in.

I'm sure there are requests that I missed. So if any of you have brilliant
ideas to make the already-wonderful Evolution even BETTER, or you suggested
something that isn't on the list right now, please e-mail the
suggestions with 'feature request' somewhere in the subject.

Oh, and yesterday I was talking to Aaron, documentation monkey at Helix
Code, and we both thought it'd be nice to include any
usability/documentation questions to the summary. So send those in too!

Let's evolve together,




      - How to delete a folder(s)?

      - How do i know which widget has focus? (ed. etable or message body)


      - when you first click the compose button it tells you, that you first
      have to configure your mail settings, and asks if you want to do it now.
      If you say yes it should open the compse window after the settings are
      done, but it does not.

      - There's no need to warn `This message has not been sent'' if the
      message hasn't been edited at all. (e.g.: when the user accidently hits
      reply or compose.)

      - When you reply to a mail in Evolution, to original message is placed
      as an attachment. (ed. i think it's solved recently...)

      - Autocompletion on the TO:, CC:, BCC: fields.

      - Home/End should move the cursor at the beggining/end of the line ,
      *not* of the message.


      - As great as VFolders are, I sometimes want to do a boolean search over
      multiple fields without going through the trouble of creating a VFolder
      to do that, then having to go delete the VFolder to clean up. (ed. i
      think 0.6's 'full search' solves this problem)

      - If a message is selected in one folder, it should be selected in any
      VFolder it appears in. This would aide in doing unusual multi-selections
      (i.e. selecting all the messages from someone except for those to some
      list... that sort of thing.)

      - I would find it useful to be able to drag messages into VFolders. I
      prefer VFolders to standard mail sorting (it allows messages that are to
      me and a list to show up in my personal folder and the list folder, for
      example.) Sometimes I get a message to a list (such as a course mailing
      list) that I want in my personal folder so that it doesn't get lost. 
      One way to implement this would be for a VFolder to have a field that
      allows for a specific message. Another way would be to, upon dropping a
      message into a VFolder, prompt the user for an addition to the VFolder
      rule. (ed. this sorta breaks the vfolder concept... any ideas?)

      - Have `sender'' and `recipients'' as options on the search box.

      - Add an "all folders" option for virtual folders so there is no need to
      individually add all my folders for something like an "Important Mail"
      virtual folder (now that we can mark them as such).

      - Have regular expression on folder names. (ed. i think this is
      avaliable in cvs)


      - Depending on which folder/mbox, different views (ie. flat vs.
      threaded) should be avaliable.

      - Keyboard navigation (impossible if you open a message in a separate
      window, awkward in all other cases), shoutcuts to delete, send, close,
      etc. (ed. Lewing posted earlier on etable shortcuts, maybe there needs
      to have more explicit documentation. i didn't know those features until
      his post. )

      - Wheelmouse navigation

      - Double clicking on a folder with a [+] next to it should expand the
      folder. (At least that would be consistent)

      - More options in the context menu for folders.

      - Ala Outlook, It would be very helpful to mark folders as having unread
      contents. Outlook makes the folder bold with the number of unread
      messages in parenthesis. (ed. i think this is fixed in CVS already)

      - Have first unread email message to be in the center of the list (ala


      - View all headers.

      - Delete messages based on message age.

      - Drag and drop for moving messages.

      - Configurable message deletion. (ie. deleted -> Trash folder or elsewhere)

      - An expand/collapse all threads option, (suggestion: the right-click
      menu for clicking on the [+] or [-] sign.)

      - When moving messages, have the messages be moved rather than copied
      and `deleted'' (crossed out).

      - A `properties'' dialog on each message ala Outlook.

      - Indicator as to whether the focus is on a message in the message list
      or on the message itself. (ed. there are indicators right now, but not
      proly explicit enough)

VFolder Editor:

      - Upon changing the subject, body, sender, etc. of a VFolder search
      parameter, the item in the box is forgotten. This is frustrating as I
      usually find myself thinking what string I want to search for, then onlly
      end up having that value lost when I change the parameter.

Checking mail:

      - No need for the `no new messages on foo bar com'' pop-up when a server
      doesn't have new messages.

      - I would suggest `barrowing'' Outlook Express's pop-up that it uses
      when the user does an explicit mail check by clicking on the get mail

      - Re-index mail continuously as it arrives rather than just after
      everything has been downloaded. This would be especially helpful when
      someone with a slow connection receives a lot of mail.


      - I would find it useful to have a different date format. As it is the
      date field needs to be at least 65 pixels wide in order to see the full

      - Rounding the time to the minute (at least) for clarity.



      - How do I add individual groups to my newsserver entry?



      - How do I import my gnome-calendar and gnomecard entries into

      - Is it possible to add the sender of an e-mail to the Contacts - more
      or less automatically?



      - Is the evolution calendar going to support calendar servers through

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